1950 Buick Super 8-SOLD

1950 Buick Super 8 This car has been sitting for a couple of decades next to the shed. Ran when parked. Car is complete, though body is pretty rough. Plenty of rot along the bottom edges, floors, etc.. Engine is original to the car, and believed to be free. All the tin/chrome is intact, and appears to be in pretty good shape actually. Light average pitting, but only a few small dents in the front grill. Hub Caps are all intact. Interior is about what you would expect,but plenty of usable trim, dash, and accessory pieces, much of which in very good shape. Interior is complete. Asking $1500 

2001 Dodge Caravan AWD-SOLD

2001 Dodge Grand Caravan AWD, 156k miles, pw, pl, cd, runs and drives good but has an issue. The transmission was rebuilt not long ago and until it warms up it doesn't want to shift into the the last two gears. Once it warms up it seems to run fine. Asking $1900